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Okay so I keep having this on my mind and I have to get it out or something. I feel like I am too anxious and paranoid about everything, but almost everyone I know doesn't realize it. My mom calls me a hypochondriac which I guess is true, I worry myself mentally to where I feel it physically, kinda like a mind trick. I hate it. Plus if there is something that either almost went wrong or could go wrong or did go wrong I constantly think about it and worry myself to near break downs at times. Around friends I try not to tell them because I don't want to seem like a weak bitch who can't take it, plus I know there are other people out there with way worse problems than me. In front of friends and people I need to respect I act all happy and cheerful, and I am, when I am around certain people. But it's like the minute I get home I become a near emotionless brick wall, I feel drained. With the stress from school and just things that I want to do but don't have time to do, it really takes its
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Enoki [FH Request] :iconthe-carnaged:The-Carnaged 5 2 :0 :iconyewitz:Yewitz 7 3 Tomoko :iconyewitz:Yewitz 3 2
heck whats this
if ur not weird af then lmfao u don't have 2 read this stuff ;; ^)
EnokiGryphoclaw is doin a lil
contest thing

and like,,, its cool
a fantasy-based creature design :^)) 
i don't know if anyone would be interested in joining the group and maybe the contest but !!! im def joining bc im a huge nerd haha
im the worst at making journals bye
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Enoki Verdell Gryphoclaw
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Profile pic and inside joke brought to you by Temerariie

Hello there! How's things going? I'm fine, and an currently working on a bunch of custom species, open for the public to use and create with! I'm looking into becoming a character design artist.

Writing is one of my passions. I'm currently working on a fantasy novel, which you can start reading right here on my profile!

Welp, that's about it. Not much else to share.


A whole ticket! You can purchase different customizational packages for your Yugure creatures and Rare and Fabled Class species with tickets.
Ticket Piece
Acquiring three will create one whole ticket.
Check (…) for price details. Don't click purchase unless the commish tab has been set up for your purchase.


I thought that title would be a little more convincing than "Creature Compendium Contest" since no one probably has a clue what that is. Haha. . . Ahem.

Welcome one and all! Creature designers and extraordinaires, creative geniuses and artists, come to compete in ChroniclesOfYugure's first contest! Here we will explore your minds and expand our creative juices. Here, we will make creature-designing history! Bring in the tiffany drums!

Autumn Divider - Free by etNoir  Autumn Divider - Free by etNoir  Autumn Divider - Free by etNoir

What goes into making a species? A lot of time and planning, out course, and a wee pinch of creativity. But what goes into making a Yugurian species? Well, you will have to know that to compete in this little contest, because the winner will have their species intricate into the next Gaggle, along with their choice of some other neat prizes! Let's look at the guidelines.

1. The design must appear realistic (not to the point of bland, everyday animals, but a moderate amount of realism) and be explained by some form of logic.
If your creature is a stone golem that has floating appendages, how and why is this possible? How does a creature made of stone live and function? Is a stone creature really possible, or is there some smaller creature living inside the stones, allowing it to thrive?
2. Any abilities the creature possesses must, once again, be explained by science or some form of logic. See the pattern starting here?
If your creature can breathe fire, how do they not burn their tongue? Where does the fire come from? If your creature can conduct lightning, how does the process work?
3. Creatures of Yugure have no magic! So please no magical backgrounds, unless however, it is merely a cultural viewpoint of the species and can still be explained by science/logic.
If your creature believes that their ability to ignite themselves is magic but in all reality is just friction between molecules causing excess heat and then ignition then this is fine.
4. Get creative! I want to see you go to the very depths of your creative pool to discover things you would have never thought to make. The more creative and interesting the species is, the more likely the creature will be picked as the winner! I'm looking for some real creativity here.
5. For later contests, you may use a previous entry if that entry had not placed. If you had won the previous contest, please be polite and let others get the chance to win.

Autumn Divider - Free by etNoir  Autumn Divider - Free by etNoir  Autumn Divider - Free by etNoir


1st Place: Have their creature design drawn by Enoki and placed in the next Gaggle; may create their own private mutation for their species for they alone to use; one full ticket to spend or save for skin or mutation/sub-species packs, or a Fabled Class species.
Ticket by EnokiGryphoclaw

2nd Place: Two ticket pieces and a headshot drawn of one of their Yugure characters or a custom adopt of one of the present Gaggle species.
Ticket Piece by EnokiGryphoclaw Ticket Piece by EnokiGryphoclaw

3rd Place: One ticket piece and whichever option that the 2nd place winner did not choose.
Ticket Piece by EnokiGryphoclaw

Three ticket pieces create a whole ticket.

(Can't find my old status that had the volunteer and I'm pretty sure this is the right floof, note me if this wasn't you.)

How to enter: Share this journal with your dA friends and give a comment below! You must be a member and/or watcher of :iconchroniclesofyugure: You may either PM me EnokiGryphoclaw or comment your entry under your first post.

1. :iconaclediptus:'s Haragoa
2. :iconssfirewolf:'s The Spine
3. :iconmipmipdead:'s Lapsi Tavros

Contest ends on April 12th! Good luck to all who enter!
My commissions are now completely cleared up and ready for buyers! If you're looking for quality art for cheap, I'm your artist.…
Watching House and I can't get over all the creativity in some of these episodes. They do these musical-like parts in some of the episodes and with House singing and dancing and I just wish they had made a musical out of the show. Someone on Broadway, please do this.
Ms. Tea FB - Commission
Another picture of the gorgeous, Ms. Tea! I love her in every way. She was very fun to draw over the weekend and I enjoyed finishing her up today.

Many thanks to MsTeaParty for commissioning me! I hope to be able to draw Ms. Tea again soon.


Commissions are still open, my friends!…
My Horse is Better Than Your Horse
Hhhhhhh, look at this beauty that I caught. I was just looking for a mode of transportation as I was away from any stables, but DAAAANG. I can't believe there's a better horse than the white stallion, but there is- in my favorite color scheme no less! Thank you, Nintendo, for this lovely gift.

This horse was found at the same location you can capture the Giant Horse and was captured after both special horses were tamed and the Divine Beasts completed- in case that has anything to do with it.


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dat booty Lenny chat emote (Reupload) 
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Sheebiee Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Wat a butt
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Wat a butt indeed.

A very majestic butt, if I do say so myself. ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚
FangTheDemon Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice butt you got there XD
EnokiGryphoclaw Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank you so much. It was a gift from a friend.

FangTheDemon Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
FangTheDemon Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I will be back online in a bit,presets are downloading lol
EnokiGryphoclaw Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, alrighty. ;D I shall wait for you to return.
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