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FH Collab '17 by EnokiGryphoclaw FH Collab '17 :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 11 2 Eno Head by EnokiGryphoclaw Eno Head :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 3 0 Ikeru by EnokiGryphoclaw Ikeru :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 10 2 Game Over by EnokiGryphoclaw Game Over :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 16 0 Puff Puff by EnokiGryphoclaw Puff Puff :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 3 4 Caramel Bork by EnokiGryphoclaw Caramel Bork :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 16 2 Custom Nageracun by EnokiGryphoclaw Custom Nageracun :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 4 2 Nudanchi Sanshoo by EnokiGryphoclaw Nudanchi Sanshoo :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 2 0 Cimex Coetus by EnokiGryphoclaw Cimex Coetus :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 3 0 Mapaosoche by EnokiGryphoclaw Mapaosoche :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 4 0 Paelli by EnokiGryphoclaw Paelli :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 2 0 Haragoa by EnokiGryphoclaw Haragoa :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 2 0 Skeyil Hant by EnokiGryphoclaw Skeyil Hant :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 3 0 Chickens and Eggs by EnokiGryphoclaw Chickens and Eggs :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 4 2 Yugurian Alphabet by EnokiGryphoclaw Yugurian Alphabet :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 6 8 Wolfwyre Sketch by EnokiGryphoclaw Wolfwyre Sketch :iconenokigryphoclaw:EnokiGryphoclaw 5 2


PC - Xxsashaleaxx by CasArtss PC - Xxsashaleaxx :iconcasartss:CasArtss 47 14 Natural Beauty by Kynvuu Natural Beauty :iconkynvuu:Kynvuu 23 20 You said you'll be by my side by SofiMXD You said you'll be by my side :iconsofimxd:SofiMXD 95 5
ButtCreed: Origins!
Finally, the game I've been working on the past two years has been announced!!
You should all go and buy it and stuff. For my bonus. You know, if you like that sort of thing.
:iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 15 44
Comic 1060 by nellucnhoj Comic 1060 :iconnellucnhoj:nellucnhoj 152 10 Kynvuu V 2.0 Reference Sheet *UPDATED 6/9/17* by Kynvuu Kynvuu V 2.0 Reference Sheet *UPDATED 6/9/17* :iconkynvuu:Kynvuu 14 18 Somewhere Over the Waynebow by Tellastar Somewhere Over the Waynebow :icontellastar:Tellastar 38 18 1056 by nellucnhoj 1056 :iconnellucnhoj:nellucnhoj 200 15 Comic 1055 by nellucnhoj Comic 1055 :iconnellucnhoj:nellucnhoj 184 7 Rocket And Groot by Varagka Rocket And Groot :iconvaragka:Varagka 422 195 Comic 1050 by nellucnhoj Comic 1050 :iconnellucnhoj:nellucnhoj 194 19 Meta Bear by CunningFox Meta Bear :iconcunningfox:CunningFox 133 21 Comic 1047 by nellucnhoj Comic 1047 :iconnellucnhoj:nellucnhoj 248 28 They Burn Through My Skin Like Flames From Hell by strazi They Burn Through My Skin Like Flames From Hell :iconstrazi:strazi 21 2 Comic 1043 by nellucnhoj Comic 1043 :iconnellucnhoj:nellucnhoj 296 14 at the cemetary by Altiasdog at the cemetary :iconaltiasdog:Altiasdog 46 3



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The Mushroom
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello there! How's things going? I'm fine, and an currently working on a bunch of custom species, open for the public to use and create with! I'm looking into becoming a character design artist.

Writing is one of my passions. I'm currently working on a fantasy novel, which you can start reading right here on my profile!

Also, my real birthday is September 16 and I brainfarted when making this account- don't judge me.

Welp, that's about it. Not much else to share.


A whole ticket! You can purchase different customizational packages for your Yugure creatures and Rare and Fabled Class species with tickets.
Ticket Piece
Acquiring three will create one whole ticket.
Check (…) for price details. Don't click purchase unless the commish tab has been set up for your purchase.


FH Collab '17
Sadly, the piece I had originally been working on is garbage, so this is my only substitute I could think of. When using for the collab, do not flip. Eno's design is asymmetrical.

I am hoping to be doing some more art soon, however I feel my tablet is on its last leg and is a pain to keep connected to my laptop.

Alrighty folks, let's get down to it! Another ChroniclesOfYugure contest, as promised- sorry for the delay. Anyhoo, here's the details:

The point of this contest is to write your own lore or legend of Yugure. You can tie it together with the already known plots from the novel series or you can branch out and make a lore or legend completely separate from the known stories. Your lore or legend can be on anything from the Yugure cultures, animals, towns and cities, and whatever else you may think of!

The minimum word count of your lore or legend is nothing. You may ask why, and here is the answer. Lore and legends have been passed through many ways, so you will also have the choice to pick how you convey your lore. Whatever you can come up with will be accepted as long as the tale is understandable through your choice of illustration. Poems, essays and all the college people in the room hiss, even hieroglyphs are welcome; anything you can think of will be welcome.


1. The work must be entirely your own.
2. It must be based in Yugure.
3. It can be about anything found in Yugure or directly about the world itself.
4. Your lore can be conveyed through any sort of media; poems, short stories, et cetera.
5. You must share this journal via journal and link it in your entry in the comments below.


1st Place: Will receive two whole tickets.
Ticket by EnokiGryphoclaw Ticket by EnokiGryphoclaw

Runner Up: Will receive a free custom adopt with a color/physical mutation pack.

Volunteered Judge (will not be able to enter the contest; let me know if you wish to be our guest judge for the contest!): A simple, flat colored headshot of your chosen OC.

Autumn Divider - Free by etNoir Autumn Divider - Free by etNoir Autumn Divider - Free by etNoir

Only two winners this time, yes, but the prize is well worth it in my opinion.

(Also, as a side note since we haven't had much response to this contest, we will need at least four entries for this contest to count. If not, save your entries and we will host this again.)

If you don't like the idea of this sort of contest, let me know in the comments! I want you all to enjoy the contests C.o.Y holds.

The contest will end at June 30th!

Good luck to all the contestants! I'm excited to see your entries.
Many thanks to Khotari for throwing me a commission! I loved every moment of drawing Ikeru. Hope you like the end product. <3

Character belongs to Khotari and only they have permission to use this.

Pixel icon - Mushroom - F2U Pixel icon - Mushroom - F2U Pixel icon - Mushroom - F2U   

My commissions are, indeed, still open! Feel free to take a look at my commission tab for more info.


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Maybe later next month? Right now I've got a few things I need to finish for my group.
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